Financial freedom is a goal that everyone should strive to achieve! Here you'll find some investing ideas for both short term and long term investments.  Browse around - it's currently a work in progress.  Currently the most updated pages will be the swing ideas section as I slowly fill in the rest of the site.  Drop me a line if you have comments/questions/shout outs!  

A note on swing ideas.  These are usually technical plays that follow a set of rules that tend to give proper returns when following them.  The ideas are just that - ideas for swings.  Look for good entries with a stop near the most recent lows.  A good swing will take days, sometimes weeks to play out!  Sometimes the ideas turn out to be duds, or sometimes they are called out too early, so just watch.  I will post them multiple times if they continue to base and look good. 



I have always held a 401k in my career, but I have never paid much attention to it.  It was only recently (2014) when I started to follow it more closely and began to consolidate portfolios and follow funds.  When I switched jobs, I rolled my 401 over and began to manually invest in order to build an income portfolio.  I have specific goals for that rollover to build up to retirement, but I also hold investment accounts and a Roth, all of which I am actively using to grow the accounts.  



In my years investing, I have found that the market is a very unforgiving beast.  Many friends that I have met through the many online resources have lost money through poor investment choices, including myself.  Despite the many free resources out there, there are still people that have trouble finding their footing on investing and trading.  Some people get lured into pay-for sites and chat rooms, and while there are some good pay resources for market analysis, there are also many bad ones.  I will admit that all of my ideas will not be the best, but I strive to hit a high win-rate on trades and always look for legitimate growing companies to invest in.  I hope that visitors to this site will gain some info and find good trade ideas that will bring you profit.  If you do profit from any of these ideas, or if you agree or disagree with them, I encourage you to comment and reach out!


Disclaimer: I am not an investment advisor, and these are not investment recommendations. Information provided by is 'use at your own risk'.  It is information only and any investment on your part into these securities as at your own doing.  Make sure you do your own due diligence before investing.