Had positive phase3 data, but also ER just came out. Seems no negative reaction, and technically looks sound for a swing. I'd watch to see how the market reacts to their fundamentals. 



wave4 swing potential here, however - $PVG, $INSM, and $MYOK (all looking good for swings here) have earnings reporting this week.  No position here yet, just watching. technically all look good though. 



potential wave 4 swing coming up... it's in a nice looking weekly channel so wait to see how much of a pullback it has here.  either fib lines or weekly trend near the bottom here.



Ugly market today, but look at $DY. I see a breakout in the chart, looks to be headed back over 100.  Infrastructure/Construction stock.   Will add a chart tonight after work. 

-edit: chart added, wave4 possible move up to $104 in due time. nice breakout yesterday. 



Auto stocks have been down the majority of this year until the recent up swing and break of the down trend.  I hold F in my DGI folio, but here's a swing option.  The chart below is a combo chart of multiple car companies so you can visualize the sector. Looks like there could be some base consolidating before the next leg up if the trend continues.