another not so typical swing, but the momentum is gaining on this. currently trading under cash value.  one bit of positive news can double it from here.  the giant drop in the chart was a failed p3.  watch for continued volume. 



not the typical swing play here, but it has broken past that heavy $17 area resistance.  on track to 20s for 2018.  I hold it long, but could be worth of a swing play.  weekly chart here



$BOLD from the oct 30th post looking like it's ready to break that weekly trend.  fighting against the market here, so we'll see how much strength it has.  $CLLS same sector (gene/cell editing) has been beaten down and heavily undervalued here.  look to play both. 



Had positive phase3 data, but also ER just came out. Seems no negative reaction, and technically looks sound for a swing. I'd watch to see how the market reacts to their fundamentals. 



2nd time posting... the first one was close but not confirmed.  about 2 weeks later and it's generally in the same spot, but looking more like it's ready to trend up again.  keep it on watch!



wave4 swing potential here, however - $PVG, $INSM, and $MYOK (all looking good for swings here) have earnings reporting this week.  No position here yet, just watching. technically all look good though.