$ONCY position update

It's been some time since i mentioned it, mainly because we're just in wait-mode.  Here's an updated chart, and while i'm not really using T/A for trading this, it is interesting to note a few things. 

the opening RS price here is right around the financing price too.  we saw a decent run up, then a deep pullback.  It looks like it finally found a floor roughly a dollar under the financing/RS price, which also happened to be a good fib number to hit.

Now that we're climbing back to the financing price, i'm looking for ONCY to get over that 13ema line to show this price action has legs.  Now that the first half of the year is over and quarter-end selling is done, I hope to see some funds/firms start to position themselves in here.  We have some updates/news coming within the next month (few weeks??), and the anticipation of that should drive some volume and higher prices, IMO.