$SPY $ES_F latest chart, waiting out the tariff tantrum..

Trade war no, trade tiff yes.  To be clear, a trade war will eventually lead us into a bear market and swings will likely be small with lots of put option plays.  We're not there yet though; fundamentals are still clearly strong on our economy, and it's likely we head to S&P 3k+ this year.  Where we go after that? who knows, let's wait to see the political/global climate at that time.  

here we've got the s&p messing around the 50ma.  the flag from the previous post sorta broke down, but the overall picture is we're in a simple pullback from the wave 4 end to the nearest top.  This is a good retrace.  even the 2692 area is "fine".  2670 near the 200ma would be "acceptable" and if we go there, get ready to BTFD on strong names.