$MU winner; $AMD consolidating?

Morning folks, let's do a few updates this morning.  Sorry for the late postings (I don't think these will get sent out in today's subscriptions...).  I'm back home from the hospital and dealing with slightly less pain these days.  Will continue to be able to monitor the market more often than before... 

$MU earnings came out and what a whopper... they beat and guidance is great.  The PE is so low on this stock, it should be trading much much higher.  long term targets should be in the 130s, mid next year perhaps? I'm long, and like i said a few days/weeks ago, i am playing shorter term calls.  

$AMD has been super bullish lately.  The much higher prices have found some resistance and it looks to be consolidating a bit.  When a stock runs up like this, investors have to "get used" to the higher prices before they feel safe buying in when it's "so high".  Hence, consolidation.  Let's see how this plays out...