DGI update, recent adds include $V $SBUX $LOW $TXN $O $BDJ...

it's been awhile since i mentioned anything about the DGI folio updates... there has been much activity during the market correction the past few months.  I've updated the DGI page, so check out the updates to the weighting.  

The latest additions include:


Some are new positions, others are adding to previous positions. I have been considering dumping $HDV as it has been a heavy under-performer as a dividend growth fund.  $DGRO has completely blown it away in performance.  

I am on track to hit the yearly goal of divs and then some... May and June are always great months, and I've had a lot of div raises lately. The tracker has lots of good data now for monitoring position/div growth from year to year, quarter to quarter...

in the 2nd image below, i want to see each yearly line above the previous.  april is an under-performing month apparently, so i should dig into why those particular stocks aren't growing divs (or maybe they are and something else is causing that month to stay stagnant).