$BTC 6 month bear wave closing?

I had a previous post where i was guessing wave 5 was ending short (without pushing past wave 3 low), and obviously that was 1) not obeying elliot waves and 2) wishful thinking? 

either way, it looks like we've got a good 6 month long 5 waves down.  typically my wave 5's are about 120% from the wave4 to wave3, so that would put BTC at about $58xx.  so far it hasn't breached into the 5k's again, so i'm still holding out on thinking this was a bottom of wave 5.  

The other main cryptos however... the waves breakdown and don't really follow all the rules. 

$BCH hasn't dipped lower than wave3 yet, under $600 would be the official 5 wave count

$LTC's chart breaks down in that the price action went past the wave1 top during the wave3 run. 

$ETH looks good except is nowhere near a wave5 down - it would have to get under $350 again for that.