weekend update $SPY $E_S $AMD $ONCY $CGC

Hey folks, just an update on things - first, the posts have been missing lately due to an accident that put me in the hospital.  I am now out, but wheelchair-bound and only 1 good arm, so bear with me on posts.  

It looks like we saw a good market surge this past week to get out of its previous 15/16 day base. We're sticking to that wave 4 finished it's ABCDE pattern and we're now gunning for S&P 30xx for wave 5 at minimum.   it wont be a straight shot there and will take time...

$AMD - tech has rebounded gloriously. If you followed my posts on $MU and bought those dips or gap fill, you should be holding from 48-ish or mid 50s. We've seen $MSFT and $INTC wedge break to new highs recently, and AMD has been non stop climbing for some time.  Finally it is taking a breather, so it looks like a great stock to buy on weakness.  wait for red days, IMO. The upper trendline it broke recently sits around a good fib number.  not sure it will reach that, but lets see.

$ONCY - finally back on nasdaq and trading well.  They put out a small offering when uplisting, but the stock price barely came near the 5.83 offer price.  i had bids to add more there and nothing filled.  i expect to see continued strength on this as news continues coming in.  countdown to p3 start and more partnering.

$CGC,$CRON - if you're just getting into the weed game, you're late.  but not too late...  $CGC recently uplisted from the OTC and is widely considered the blue chip of weed stocks.  buy on weakness and just hold long term.  $CRON has also been a good stock to play for weed, and this one dropped when the canadian senate passed the weed bill this week.  i am holding october calls and will add stock if it dips further here.  also check out $SPRWF as a cheaper alernative that also looks ready to rise.