$SPY $SPX $E_S breaking out with energy leading?

Honestly it's been all about patience lately, waiting to see if the charts play out.  Today's futures looks as if they are indeed playing out with a major wave 5 up beginning.  Oil on a major breakout, so those energy names should be going well for people $MRO was a swing most recently, but i've also just got into $DNR as well.  

$LABU is still a legit swing, $SOXL dips to $120s were excellent buys.  

I posted on stocktwits recently about china names coming back too.  look at $JD on this dip... $IQ ("chinese netflix"), $JT $PPDF for financials, $YY $WB, even $TCEHY. $MCHI if you want a china fund for everything.  

Back to the chart below, it's just the latest with my pattern drawn out.  Looking for a good rally above the trend today.  I'd expect a dip back to that breakout point at some point, then a bounce to new highs in the coming months.  After that, we'll see...