The oil pullback $CL $USO $DNR $CRC $WLL $CPE

So we've got a good oil pullback happening before the long weekend - thanks russia? Oil is good for 80+ this summer, so ignore this noise and look for bargains.  A few showing here... i think DNR / CRC could be the most %'s to gain, maybe even WLL.  I have CPE on this list because they are pretty oversold and near a bounce, even with their just-announced offering to pay for an acquisition.  They are worth watching, not sure about leaping into them now though.  

As with most of these charts, those 61% fibs are the most ideal, but some of these strong names may not hit there.  Oil will need another couple red days for them to do it, so who knows... 

I am definitely focused on DNR here, specifically looking for under 4.  Let's see what we get.  Have a good long weekend, happy trading!