$SPY $MU $ONCYF $CGC $KEM $LOW big update, multiple charts and buying happening

I've been quiet on the posting front lately, mostly doing quick stuff on stocktwits when I can.  So today will have a large amount of charts and thoughts for a bit of catch up...

$SPY $ES - Obviously broke out of the ABCDE correction and now I've been looking for some sort of A-B move during this overall wave 5 to new highs and more. Big bullish candle on the SPY yesterday, but futures/spy are still in between 2 fib lines and still basing here.  



On the tech side of things look at $MU and $AMAT (and $NVDA for that matter). NVDA filled a gap premarket yesterday, but offered no chance at getting that filled in market hours.  MU buys from 48-49 were so good the other week (posted on ST), and AMAT's big beat and big drop is a big buy IMO.  it hasn't recovered yet, so I think that is still a buy.  at least for a gap fill to 53ish.  If MU tries to fill the gap to 56ish, BUY!  

Quick note on $ONCYF - They are going back to the nasdaq tomorrow!  a 1:9.5 RS will happen to bring it over the $5 threshold for institutions buying, and they said they would wait to do the up-list for when they have partner news to couple it with.  SO... expect something to come out in the next week or so.  

$CGC is up-listing today to NYSE.  Previously was $TWMJF on otc ($WEED.CA on TSX).  This is known as the blue chip of weed, so literally just find every dip to buy and hold.  I'm looking for near $40 on this swing, but long term i think it can go much much higher.  

$KEM - a huge beat on ER last week but beat up regardless.  check the chart, i think it can rebound here.  

$LOW - a huge plus for getting marvin as CEO (previously of HD... then JCP).  I see this as big news for a beaten down stock.  LOW is in my DGI.