$ONCYF $ONC.CA update

yes, this is one of my long spec plays and will remain a holding... I just want to give an update on it. 

From a technical perspective, we can see it broke yet another long down trend.  If you look at this weekly chart, that looooong downtrend back in 2016 was broken and thats about where I bought the majority of the shares.  I continued to add (and sell on spikes) whenever it pulled back to that support trend line area (i say area because it has broken through it a few times).  We also have the 50ma crossing above the 200ma on this weekly chart, so that is very bullish.  

You can now see a good channel forming with the top nearing .95 USD right now.  With the onslaught of news lately, a pending nasdaq uplisting coupled with a partner news and RS to get it over the $2 min for nasdaq, i see it continuing to rise.  Possibly we see it breach the $1 mark for them to announce a 1:3 RS, another partnership, and a nasdaq uplist, all within the next month.  I think those 3 items will all be looped together within days of each other, but we'll see.  

The downside here? of course oncy is known to not hold it's gains on spikes, but i think there's too much positive stuff happening this time.  Zacks of course came out with a $2.25 target (raised from $1.50), so i think it's very viable to hit 50% of their target in due time. Again, time will tell, but everything seems on track here.