$BTC.X $LTC.X accumulating on wave2?

Taking a look at crypto this weekend... as a side note i have been consistently adding since the bottom (or what looks like bottom) in crypto.  I missed out on the really cheap buys, but i'm taking advantage of what I think is a wave 2 underway here.  2 charts, both obviously similar.  BTC and LTC... I do have ETH, and ETH looks very strong, but I have not been focused on accumulating that. 

If I'm right that we're looking at wave2 down after the wave1 up from the bottom in April, then wave 3 should be underway in June and that could really rip higher for all 3 of these.  We'll see!

I also found a nice little resource for getting crypto data into google sheets, so now i'm tracking holdings that way, just like my DGI folio.