$MRO breakout; $SPY volatility; $MU analyst - hint: it's a buy!

$MRO great breakout yesterday from this wedge.  My wave counters are off i believe... i think we've got an abc correction with another big wave up starting.  estimating $20 in due time (months?).

$SPY - the markets are very volatile with trade war chatter.  remember, it's just chatter.  You've got to look at how trump has worked in the past... he likes to put up a big fuss, threats, and bullying; it's his "negotiation" style.  China is playing along in-kind.  I believe this will get resolved in time, but it's adding unnecessary uncertainty to the markets.  No reason to think we're headed to bear territory yet, so IMO it's a good time to put cash to work.  

side thought on $MU; one analyst took it down a lot yesterday.  He's probably getting a good raise or bonus for the lovely work of taking down the price so the firm and clients could buy in.  This is the game they play.  Meanwhile, every other analyst is probably looking at UBS thinking "what a jackass" and shrugging their shoulders to buy more.  Someone had a 3mil share trade last night on it at the bell (but again, a typical thing to see).  Look at all the analysts ratings on $MU, and UBS stands out as the only oddball out.  To me, these <$50 prices are a big buy signal.  GL!