$SSC reverse time?

A long speculative(?) play here.  Blockchain related, but also so much more.  CC earnings call was this morning, so give it a listen and do your DD.  Growth is great - the drop in recent months was first from bitcoin/blockchain 'bubble' even though it wasn't fully related, and then they decreased their 2017 guidance numbers from about 290m to 144m.  essentially cut in half, though that was still showing 300% growth.  investors did not like going from 600% growth to 300% growth apparently.  they have stated 280m guidance for 2018, so i'm guessing that investors are not confident in them hitting that just yet.  they will need to show they can do it with proper action and PRs.

they are trading under 1x sales for 2018 now.  they have a long way to go to get to fair value, IMO.  

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