$LTC $BTC $ETH bottomed?

So it might be too early to tell for sure, but... has crypto bottomed?  This chart may be showing a long term 5 wave count down, with the major wave 4 showing it's own minor 5 wave count.  the last few candles are looking a little bit like a nice bullish wedge up, but again - might be too early to tell for sure.  

I have been watching BTC to see if it was going to do a traditional 5 wave down to 5k-ish, but it looks to have stopped short of that.  Similar charts to this one, so again... we'll see.  if you haven't dabbled in crypto yet, it could be the time to start nibbling.  I have small amounts of LTC, ETH, and BTC... just to see if it becomes another 200%, 500%, 2000% mover in X years.  Dream on, right?