We've got a nice bounce happening on the markets today.  Fear levels near all-time highs, so I'm going shopping for some long term stocks to add to the DGI folio.  Those names include the above mentioned... particularly $PG stands out.  Looks like their payout ratio is a little high, but still a solid company.  ER beats, EPS growth leading the industry, good dividend yield at this price.  In fact, I've been holding a few shares for a year or so - i had sold most of a position for profits awhile back but wanted to keep some for DGI.  the current price is now under my original buy in, so it's time to buy it back.  

$V $LOW and $HBAN all look good to me.  HBAN was really smacked down last week and i think that was too much.  should be good at least for a swing, if not a long hold to 20's. 

$LOW i'm still holding and looking to add if it stays this low.  

$V looks poised for good growth and can be considered a long DGI play too.