$MARK attacked by BS short "research", same research group that called $JD and $BABA a short.

I'll keep this brief.  These crap LLCs that call themselves research groups and put out horribly written "reports" are clearly a way to boost their short position. Citron does it, and I've held stocks through these short reports, and you know what? I end up green every time because they're a bunch of crap.  

JCAP released a report today on $MARK and it took a beating.  MARK will be worth near $20 by EOY if they continue on their growth projections, not $2 as this report would have you believe.  Just because you form an LLC and have the words "capital" and "research" in your name, doesn't make you an source of legitimate information.  Usually you need to have some solid results to back up your claims.  Looking at JCAP, they have failed miserably with THE ONLY 2 OTHER REPORTS THEY'VE EVER PUT OUT.  Those 2 reports being on $JD and $BABA.  Really, folks? You were short 2 of the biggest growing e-commerce businesses in China?  And you guys took 30+% off $MARK today... well done.  Let's see the bulls step up and let's see few PRs come out, and good luck avoiding a lawsuit.  

That said, $MARK looks good for a double or triple here if all goes as planned on the business front.