$AQMS turnaround? Market eval and other beat up names $MARK $RESN $AAPL $CSCO

First... the market - 2nd image below.  It's looking like a typical swing/wave4 on my charts.  the correction seems to have bottomed out for now, but caution remains ahead the rest of the month while we remain in this zone.  continue to look for buying opportunities on strong names - i have certainly been shopping around and managed to add to my DGI folio multiple times.  picking up names like $AAPL 150s and $CSCO 37.70(!!).

We've seen other nonsense playout through this correction too - a BS short report on $MARK (paid for by an unknown short seller - says so right in the report!) that was blatantly false; a market beatdown on $RESN that clearly had no fundamental issues; and many other growth names punished because of buyers no longer showing up or scared of a market downturn.  GO HUNTING FOR CHEAP GROWTH STOCKS!!

That brings me to $AQMS.  What a massive screwup on the company's part last year.  Things did not go their way and the market punished them, appropriately at first, but then it turned into a short seller's dream.  They did some financing and that helped them secure funds to make the fixes they needed, and *finally* they have an installed fix as of 2 days ago.  As they install the rest of the fixes, i think we can see this rise to the $8 area.  weekly chart below.  there is a gap way up near 17, but due to financing i don't think it will get there unless there is absolutely huge news (like JCI buying them out perhaps?).  Either way, daytraders will be jumping in here with the volume that we saw yesterday, and short sellers will be frothing at the mouth to short this one to 0 if they can.  It is one to watch, but be careful in either direction.