$CLDT & market notes + $ONCYF note

Looks like a decent setup after an ABC correction.  probably keep stops close in the 22.30 range. do some DD on the company first though.  

on a side note, what a start to the year!  the accounts are up over 8% already, and i haven't even been watching the general market too much.  lots of swings firing on all cylinders at the same time, AND good ol' $ONCYF is gearing up for something ...big?

The market looks to be nearing a top soon.  maybe mid to end of january?  i think feb we will have a correction, but then rebound and go higher in march/april through to the end of the year.  Go tighter on stops for any swings i may post.  many in december have panned out, but they had prolonged base zones so patience was required.  $MRO, for example, was volatile in getting over $15 and then back under for weeks until oil finally showed it's move.  I am still holding $MRO stock but i had 8 january 19th $16 calls that i had to sell before decay started to creep in, plus just in case it goes sideways here.  at the max i was up 490% on the calls, but i only had 2 left to sell at the time.  that's the beauty of stocking up on the calls 3 months out on the red days.  

$ONCYF is getting attention early.  at the end of december, a SEDAR filing came through about a special shareholder meeting in february, and we will get info on what exactly that shareholder meeting is about in january.  on jan 19th, they will also be presenting at ASCO.  Things seem to be lining up perfectly on this one, and many are speculating either:

  • some kind of new partnership (they already stated more partnerships for japan, EU, etc are in the works)
  • a hostile (or not) bid for the company
  • a spin-off company to focus on other trials, perhaps while they have the main focus on breast cancer
  • a reverse split to get the share price higher for a nasdaq listing (they only need to get to $3) - they do not need this in order to issue more shares for financing however.  they are good with cash through 2019.
  • perhaps a board member change is happening?

since this seems to be a time-sensitive special meeting, i'm leaning towards a spinoff or bid for the company.  they don't need a vote, or a *rushed* vote for the other stuff.  

either way, exciting times ahead for $ONCYF this month.  perhaps we get new positive data (safety data!) on the 19th, combined with a partnership deal with $CELG or $MRK, or a flat out buyout offer.  They have wanted to get back on nasdaq this year, and they will need to be higher than $3 to do so.  Securing a bigger partnership deal than the AN deal in november would certainly increase the marketcap to get there, IMO.  

Thanks for reading, good luck!