$LOW $WPC added to DGI

I've added 2 more to the DGI this week, despite markets being at ridiculous highs.  I have plans to add $LOW if i can get it in the 90s, but it's not looking like that is coming any time soon.  with ER a month out, you can probably swing it from now til then.  Regardless, I have started an initial position and plan to hold and add if i can get in lower.  

$WPC was a play from 2015 that went well and i've always wanted to get back in.  Solid company, lower with most REITs right now, so I'm back in for the long haul this time.  great $1.01 /qtr dividend but I caution that the payout ratio is very high right now. They have been beating earnings lately, and ER is about a month out.  It may very well swing back to $70 here, so also a potential swing play.  

Here's a look at my DGI sector weighting.  I want to expand exposure to consumer staples this year, and probably tech (i think tech will give most capital gains still).