DFS hit a scan, looks interesting. ER coming up though, so look into fundamentals first. It may have had it's bounce or it may go to the next fib, watch for now, wait for entry... it may be after ER. 

I might continue to be sporadic in posts as this house stuff happens.  be sure to follow me on stocktwits though (you probably are here from a post there).  i will occasionally post charts on ST without pushing them through the swing site. 

case in point is $NBEV. I watched/read the presentation the other week, and if you followed the blog you'll know that i posted it not long ago about finding the bottom of a long weekly wedge. Well, if you had watched their update, they guided for 90-110m this year in revs. that put them severely undervalued at $2.20-ish at the time.  about $3 would be 1x annual sales.  Well, they guided and i bought.  and then they posted about contract news (CVS).  i posted on ST that another contract should be close because of their guidance.  Well, military (worldwide) contract hit and *FINALLY* investors jumped in big time.  we're sitting near $4 now, almost a 100% gain.  i feel it's worth over $5, even higher longer term, so i will see where it goes.  enjoy the ride if you got in early!  And if you were a bag holder from that Zacks pump and dump report last year, you should be near even and can probably be green in a bit.  Hang tight, then maybe send Zacks some hate mail ;)