This has been a speculative play since 2015 that initially started as a swing play, but as I dug more into the company and as I found more and more friends and family that have been affected by cancer, I became an investor in this Canadian biotech.  This company has been around for 15+ years and unfortunately has been beaten down badly.  Too many drug trials (shotgun approach), some with bad or mediocre results in the past, and financing deals that were not shareholder-friendly brought this down.  As with most smallcap biotechs, they've been succumbed to penny land.  However, when the CEO was booted by the board in 2016, the stock has been decisively been in an upswing.  Combine that with *fantastic* data/news on their breast cancer trial, and we've had an exciting year for Oncolytics. I feel like technicals are finally on it's side, and continuous exciting news should be coming.  Currently speculating a deal with CELG soon.  




An Israeli biotech company - Holding since 2016.  They had an investigation hit them hard this year, but it seems to have been an unwarranted drop.  With positive data over the summer, and more positive phase 3 data expected, this looks likely to get fda approval at some point.  

Update: positive phase 3 data! Bullet points- 

* Kitov pharmaceuticals announces phase iii/iv clinical trial for kit-302 successfully meets primary endpoint, and also demonstrates drug candidate improves renal function

* Kitov pharmaceuticals holdings - ‍study demonstrated that treatment with kit-302 led to a statistically significant reduction of serum creatinin

* Kitov pharmaceuticals- ‍randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled renal function clinical trial for kit-302, met primary efficacy endpoin

* Kitov pharmaceuticals holdings ltd - ‍anticipates completion and submission of kit-30 report to fda by january 2018

* Kitov pharmaceuticals - ‍data from trial demonstrated kit-302 lowered systolic blood pressure a comparable amount to widely used antihypertension dru